Here’s how Drake got his Dell Curry Raptors jersey


Drake has been getting under the skin of the Golden State Warriors. The Canadian rapper has already had words with both Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, and he showed up to Game 1 of the 2019 NBA Finals wearing an old Toronto Raptors Dell Curry jersey.

Some folks saw the Curry jersey as a great troll, and others thought it didn’t really get the point across as it may have intended. In either case, we saw that Drake is trying to put some thought into how he can influence the Warriors.

Still, it wasn’t clear whether Drake had that jersey just hanging in the back of his closet or whether he needed to go out and purchase it. According to Action Network’s Darren Rovell, Drake’s stylist got in touch with a clothing shop owner in Brooklyn — Al Martiniello — who then made a call to a jersey collector. That jersey collector then found Benjamin Weil, the owner of the Curry uniform.

From there, it was just a matter of Drake’s team making the right offer to Weil.

Via Action Network:

Weil said he had purchased it from a former Raptors player six years ago. It was tailored for Dell, but he never played in it. It was also signed by him.

Martiniello begged. It was for a high profile client and he had to take it.

“He loves Dell,” Martiniello said. “And it wasn’t about money, but I did have to ask him, if I could convince you to sell what’s the lowest number you would take?”

It was day’s end by the time Martiniello got it, and he didn’t trust next-day shipping. So Martiniello and Flores, the man who found the jersey, got in the car and drove 10 hours to Toronto in time for a hand-off on Wednesday night with Drake’s people.

This is a lot of effort and cash for what essentially amounts to pointing out someone’s dad played for their opponent. I’m not sure why that fact matters at all, but no doubt we will have our eyes on Drake on Sunday night to see what he wears to Game 2.