Hasheem Thabeet wants to make NBA comeback at age 32

Associated Press

This is obviously a longshot, but Hasheem Thabeet could use a little basketball redemption.

Based on his potential, Thabeet was the No. 2 pick of the Grizzlies in the 2009 draft, behind only Blake Griffin, but ahead of James Harden, Stephen Curry, DeMar DeRozan, Tyreke Evans, Ricky Rubio and… you get the point. Thabeet was supposed to be a rim-protecting big man out of UConn but he played in just 224 games across five seasons with four teams, and he was out of the league.

Thabeet wants another chance in the NBA, he told David Cobb of the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

“It’s just that I was very limited with my time spent on the court,” he said. “I need that chance, and I need to get back out there. That’s how I feel.”

Thabeet was seen as plodding back when he last played five years ago, and since then the game has evolved, a lot more athleticism and skill is required by bigs. Thabeet said he has adjusted and is ready, doing a lot to both be in shape and add some offense to his game.

“The game, as you can hear from a lot of people, the game has changed,” Thabeet said. “So I’m trying to catch up and just do a lot of running…

“One thing that might be shocking to people is the past few months and few years that I haven’t really been playing, I’ve been working on my shot,” Thabeet said. “Just to be able to score away from the basket, rather than just posting up and shooting hook shots.”

Thabeet has continued to play some, in the D-League in 2015 and he put up good numbers in Japan two seasons ago, but of course, it’s a big leap from Japan to the NBA.

We’ll see if teams will bring Thabeet in for a workout and give him one more look.