Klay Thompson: ‘I know we’ll respond like the champions we are’

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The Toronto Raptors — with their length, athleticism, and impressive halfcourt defense — rattled the cage of the two-time defending champions in Game 1 Thursday. For fans not familiar with the Raptors, it was a wake-up call that this is going to be a series, not a cakewalk.

Golden State’s reaction? Just like you’d expect from a team that has been there before.

“We’re not that familiar with this team but that’s no excuse,” Klay Thompson said. “Our goal is to come out here and get one. I know we’ll respond like the champions we are.”

“We’re down 0-1 but it’s not the end of the world,” Stephen Curry said. “New experiences for us all the way through, but we have proven our resiliency and ability to win games that we need to, and kind of answer the bell and learn from nights like tonight.”

The Raptors undoubtedly gained confidence with their Game 1 play, particularly Pascal Siakam. They earned that.

But the Warriors confidence is not shaken. They have been tested before — by Oklahoma City in 2015, by Houston last year, by LeBron James — and understand that there are both adjustments to be made and levels of play to ramp up. They also know Kevin Durant should return this series.

The Warriors are not yet worried.

If the Raptors can win Game 2 on Sunday, that may change.