Clippers fined $50,000 because Doc Rivers said Kawhi Leonard is Jordanesque

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Doc Rivers has been blown away by Kawhi Leonard these playoffs, too.

Leonard’s ability to get to his spots on the floor, his enormous hands, his defense, his ability to hit a clutch shot, that all reminded the Clippers’ coach of someone else.

Accurate or not, that comment — that Leonard is “the most like Jordan we’ve seen” — cost the Clippers’ $50,000 for tampering. The coach of a team commented on a player under contract with another team outside of a pre/post-game interview, that’s a fine every time.

That this was the coach of a team strongly linked to Leonard as a free agent this summer made sure it was on everybody’s radar.

It’s also a small price to pay if Leonard decides to join the Clippers. Obviously, this one comment is not going to sway Leonard’s decision, but it’s been part of a season-long effort to show Leonard how much he is wanted by them. Leonard certainly has noticed.

Leonard has not tipped his hand about which way he is leaning this summer, as expected his focus has been only the court, where he has led the Raptors within three games of an NBA championship.