Report: Kobe Bryant ‘livid’ about inclusion in report about Lakers’ dysfunction

Harry How/Getty Images

Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka told the team a literally unbelievable tale about arranging a meeting between Kobe Bryant and Heath Ledger after Bryant saw “The Dark Knight.” The big problem: Ledger died before the film was released.

Did Pelinka, a decade later, innocently misremember the movie or actor involved? Did Bryant ask for the meeting based on seeing a trailer, which was released before Ledger’s death? Is there some other reasonable explanation?

Or was Pelinka just lying?

Bryant could clear this up.

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN:

Kobe Bryant was livid at his name even being mentioned. His attitude is, “I’m here coaching my girls. I ain’t got nothing to do with any of that nonsense. Rob Pelinka has got his own relationship with Jeanie Buss. Of course, he’s a guy that I value and that I trust. He represented me for years. I love the guy, but I’ve got nothing to do with the Lakers. Y’all tell them people to keep my damn names out of their mouth.”

OK then.

Fairly or not, Pelinka’s reputation as a liar and backstabber will remain intact.