Toronto Raptors’ real superfan — not Drake — has an inspiring story

Getty Images

Drake is the guy that patrols the sidelines, massages coaches, and gets all the screen time as the Toronto Raptors biggest fan because, well, he’s Drake.

But he’s really second on the Raptors superfan list.

Nav Bhatia has attended every Raptors home game — and plenty of road ones — since 1995, and his story speaks to the rich diversity of Toronto as a city and the opportunities he had and took advantage of. He now tries to pass some of that on to children in Toronto who might not otherwise get the chance. Muhammad Lila told the story in a shortened form on Twitter.

Nav Bhatia is an excellent reflection of Toronto, a city that’s diversity is part of what makes it one of the great cities of the world. He attended games in Milwaukee this past series, and the fans there (minus an idiot or two on Twitter) embraced him. Real fans recognize and respect real fans.

Bhatia is going to get screen time during the Finals, too, and he should. More than Drake, he represents Toronto.