Scott Foster, Tony Brothers among dozen NBA referees who will work Finals games

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These are the names you need to know in a couple of weeks when you’re going to start posting your NBA Finals conspiracy theories.

The NBA has announced the dozen referees who each will work at least one of the NBA Finals games. These officials were selected from the pool of referees who worked the playoffs, based on their ratings during the postseason.

Tony Brothers (8th Finals)
Mike Callahan (16th)
James Capers (8th)
Marc Davis (8th)
Kane Fitzgerald (1st)
Scott Foster (12th)
John Goble (3rd)
David Guthrie (2nd)
Eric Lewis (1st)
Ed Malloy (7th)
Jason Phillips (6th)
Zach Zarba (6th)

These NBA playoffs started off with a rash of controversies surrounding the referees, with players and coaches constantly complaining and technical fouls being handed out like candy. However, that largely has settled down, in part because the players themselves chose to pull back rather than push the envelope on complaining.

As we get later into this series, expect to see a lot of Foster, Brothers, and Zarba crews wearing the stripes (or, gray in the NBA’s case).