Raptors’ Danny Green plans to ‘just keep shooting’ his way out of current slump

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Toronto needs Danny Green on the court in the Finals.

Against Milwaukee, when Green struggled coach Nick Nurse could turn to Fred VanVleet and in the last couple of games, in particular, VanVleet was knocking down everything and making it work. However, pairing the six-foot VanVleet and the 6’1″ Kyle Lowry against 6’3″ Stephen Curry and 6’7″ Klay Thompson is a lot more problematic. Ask the Trail Blazers and their undersized backcourt about it.

Which brings us back to Green and why he, with his size and good defense, are needed by Toronto this series.

Except Green is in a slump. He has hit just one of his last 15 threes and was 4-for-23 (15.3 percent) against Milwaukee. Green’s plan is to shoot his way out of it, as he told the media on Monday, including Tim Bontemps of ESPN.

“Just keep shooting,” Green said Monday, when asked how he gets himself out of a shooting slump. “Don’t think about it. And it’s hard not to think about it because everybody in the world’s telling you don’t think about it, [and] everybody you come across [is telling you] keep shooting it.

“People text me to ‘don’t think about it.’ I know that. … I’m not second-guessing myself. But just keep shooting, don’t think about it and try to block out the noise from the media, your inbox, and everybody else that tells you not to think about it.”

Green is a veteran, he’s got an NBA championship ring (with the Spurs), and he’s had slumps before. He knows the drill and that eventually the scales will balance out (he shot 45.5 percent from three during the regular season).

Toronto wants them to balance out sooner rather than later because they need him on the court this series.