Joel Embiid wins trademark with patent office for ‘The Process’


“Trust the Process” might not have that many supporters left in Philadelphia. The 76ers have been bounced out of the Eastern Conference playoffs, and several of the players brought in thanks to the scheming of former GM Sam Hinkie are no longer in Pennsylvania.

Still, Sixers big man Joel Embiid is a man who knows his brand, and he’s kept “The Process” alive and well. He’s undergone a journey to get the phrase trademarked, and apparently, it’s finally come through.

Via Twitter:

Who knows what Embiid will end up using this for? He could put it on shoes, t-shirts, and myriad other merchandise. And of course, he could also either get a cut of, or send cease-and-desist letters to those using it without his explicit permission.

This is the new generation of NBA players, where they are so much tied to their brand that they file trademarks for phrases uttered by a general manager and then popularized by Twitter.

What a time to be alive.