Warriors owner Joe Lacob reiterates he wants to keep Thompson, Curry on Warriors ‘forever’

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A report this week that free agent to be Klay Thompson is unhappy getting the “crumbs” behind Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant set off a familiar dance. One we seem to do annually.

First, the player denies it, as Thompson did. Then someone from the organization, in this case Steve Kerr, comes out and says they plan to keep him.

Then finally owner Joe Lacob, the guy who has to cut the checks — including a big one to the league for the luxury tax — comes out and says he will pay to keep the team together. Right on cue, Lacob spoke with Nick Friedell of
ESPN about his dynamic backcourt of Thompson and Curry.

“Obviously, my intention is to keep them as part of our organization forever,” Lacob told ESPN. “That’s our goal. We’ll see what happens.”

Later Lacob added this about Thompson.

“I have a special bond with him. I always have. He’s the first player, since I bought the team, that we drafted. The very first one. And I just have always felt an incredible attachment. People make fun of me a little bit — I always say I love Klay. I love Klay. I just do. He’s so real. He’s so real. There’s no B.S. And there’s something about him, I have a very special relationship with him.”

Thompson will have options this summer, teams from New York to Los Angeles (a couple of them in both of those markets) would have interest in his services. When Thompson hit the game-sealing three in Game 6 in Houston with :36 seconds left, Thompson pointed at Lacob after the shot. On Twitter, people wanted to make that Thompson telling Lacob “pay me my money,” although Thompson said it was just living in the moment.

Thompson will get paid. Sources have told NBCSports.com all season that Thompson would stay if the Warriors max him out, and that Lacob and management plan to do exactly that.

If what Thompson wants is more touches, we’ll just have to see what happens with Kevin Durant’s free agency before making any predictions. However, if he leaves — and that is an “if” still — a lot of shots just opened up.

Either way, we know the dance of words with Thompson, now it will just come down to actions on July 1.