Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey on Mike Conley-Ricky Rubio trade talks with Grizzlies: ‘A team leaked something, and it was unethical’

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

The Grizzles and Jazz reportedly discussed a trade built around Mike Conley and Ricky Rubio before the trade deadline.

Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey is upset we know about that.

Lindsey, via Jody Genessy of the Deseret News:

“Unfortunately,” Lindsey said, “a team leaked something and it was unethical.”

The Jazz are notoriously secretive, which is their prerogative. But “unethical” is a loaded charge.

This could affect future negotiations between Utah and Memphis

The Grizzlies have since revamped their front office, promoting Jason Wexler and Zach Kleiman. But many executives in place during the trade deadline – including former general manager Chris Wallace (and Wexler and Kleiman, for that matter) – remain in the organization.

The Jazz could still use a point guard, especially with Rubio entering free agency. Will knowing Utah tried to trade him make Rubio less likely to re-sign? Will the Jazz still try to acquire Conley? The situation could be tough after trust was broken.