Lakers fans to hold rally at Staples to protest team’s decision-making


The Los Angeles Lakers are in trouble, and Lakers fans aren’t happy about it. The team still doesn’t have a head coach after some back-and-forth with Tyron Lue, and Rajon Rondo will reportedly not be interested in coming back to the team if the Lakers don’t have a head coach by the time free agency rolls around.

Meanwhile, Lakers fans are about to show the organization exactly how they feel, up close and in person.

Thanks to the efforts of a poster on Reddit, there will be a rally outside the Staples Center on Friday for Lakers fans to gather and voice their displeasure with the team.

Via a press release issued by Charlie Rivers, the Reddit poster:

I have announced a protest in response to Ms. Jeannie Buss’s Decision Making that has impacted the overall ability of the Lakers Organization to operate as a successful Franchise. Many others and I find it disturbing the amount of influence Kurt & Linda Rambis have on the organization. This method of production being based off Nepotism, personal friendships, rather than value is alarming.

This event is not representative of the entire fanbase, but of those who are frustrated with the ineptitude decision making of this organization’s leadership and the path they are taking. We support the Lakers Organization, but do not condone its current management. This event is to focus not on the failure to hire Tyronn Lue, in favor of Jason Kidd, but the decisions that ultimately are the responsibility of Jeannie Buss. Any acts of public disturbances, profanity, violence, threats, and disruption of the peace are not condoned. This is event is simply a conduit to have our concerns heard.

The Lakers seem to have no self-awareness in how they are being run. It’s a family business, and Jeanie Buss has not shown us that she can effectively manage the organization.

Buss doesn’t understand her own weaknesses, and has unfortunately continued to hire based off of personal relationships rather than expertise. It’s a trap many owners fall into, and one that only some can pull themselves out of. Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer only recently was able to right the ship.

Although he doesn’t agree with heaping blame on Buss, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea took to Instagram on Thursday to voice his own displeasure about the state of the team.

Via Instagram:

We’ll see what the Lakers do from here. They need someone running the front office. Then they need a coach.

I don’t have much faith in Buss and the Rambises to make the right decision. Apparently, neither do Lakers fans.