Rumor: Warriors’ odds of re-signing Kevin Durant have improved

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic literally wrote the book on Kevin Durant.

So, listen when he says not to assume Durant will sign with the Knicks this summer just because it has been rumored so long.

Marc Berman of the New York Post:

Since submitting the final pages in early December of his book, “KD: Kevin Durant’s Relentless Pursuit to Be The Greatest,” Thompson senses the Warriors chances have improved.

“I feel stronger about the Bay Area than at the time,’’ said Thompson, who has covered northern California sports since 1999. “It underscores the nature of him. He’s trying to figure it out. At the end of the day, he has to sit down in front of people so they can paint the picture of the Knicks. I do feel like the picture the Warriors will paint is a pretty good one.”

Durant might have already made plans to sign with the Knicks. But nothing can be finalized until July. Plenty of time remains for him to change his mind – several times, even.

Also keep in mind: As of a couple weeks ago, several Warriors reportedly thought he’d leave for the Knicks.

Golden State is also in the midst of a playoff run that could affect Durant’s decision, in either direction. Durant has long wanted the focus to be on basketball, and this time of year, it mostly is. The experience of pursuing a championship with this team is important, and Durant is living it daily. Nobody, including Durant, can know what lasting effect that will leave on him when it ends.

Durant is still trying to determine what’s most important to him. His view of that – and which teams can meet it – this summer is what will count.

It sounds as if we shouldn’t rule out the Warriors.