Report: Lakers, Tyronn Lue moving on from each other

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The impasse between the Lakers and their chosen next head coach, Tyronn Lue, has apparently escalated into irreparable differences.

Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times:

Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times:

Opposing spin by reporters from the same paper!

The details of who dumped whom will make for juicy gossip, but they matter only so much. Lue is out of a job he thought he’d get (and celebrated with a Lakers-themed birthday cake), and the Lakers still need a coach.

Does LeBron James still hold faith in the Lakers? They’re putting him to the test.

The Lakers reportedly interviewed only four candidates before zeroing in on Lue: Lue, Monty Williams, Jason Kidd and Juwan Howard. Lue is out. Williams took the Suns job. With LeBron James near the end of his prime, it’d be quite risky to entrust a first-time head coach like Howard.

That leaves Kidd, who was reportedly at the center of the Lakers’ disconnect with Lue. The Lakers wanted to make Kidd an assistant coach. Lue didn’t. If Lakers management likes Kidd so much, they should just hire him as head coach.

But Kidd’s tenure with the Bucks produced many red flags about his coaching acumen. There’d be plenty of risk in hiring him, too.

The Lakers could re-open their coaching search. However, if they find a better new choice, that’d be a huge indictment of their first coaching search. Dealing with that troubling admission would be better than hiring a lacking coach, though.

Of course, well-run organizations don’t get stuck in these situations. So, don’t assume the Lakers will take the prudent course.

They could just hire Kurt Rambis or something.