Steve Kerr says DeMarcus Cousins could play again this season


The Golden State Warriors probably aren’t too worried about the Houston Rockets. Their Western Conference Rivals have only taken one game from them, coming in the form of Saturday’s Game 3. But this season Golden State doesn’t know which opponent it will face if it makes it to the NBA finals. All they know for sure is that LeBron James won’t be there.

That’s why Steve Kerr would like to have as many available options on his roster as possible. Golden State doesn’t have the advantage of playing DeMarcus Cousins after the former All-Star big man injured his quad in the first round. It initially appeared that Cousins was not going to be available for the rest of the postseason, but now Kerr says there is some encouraging news.

Via Twitter :

Cousins wasn’t much of a positive impact when he played before his injury. Despite some flashes, he looked overmatched and simply wasn’t in tune with the Golden State offense. He was a net negative plus/minus in both games in the first round against the Clippers.

If Cousins returns this postseason it won’t be to major effect of this Warriors team. Most will be looking to his recovery from injury as a hopeful look into Cousins returning to some semblence of his former self.