Marcus Smart available for Celtics in critical Game 4

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Just in time.

Heading into a game where the Celtics’ season essentially hangs in the balance — not to mention the off-season implications that would come with Boston being bounced in the second round — Marcus Smart will be back in the Celtics’ rotation.

Smart had been out since the final game of the regular season with a  left oblique tear.

In a series where defense has been king and offenses have struggled — the Bucks are 5.5 and the Celtics 5.4 points per 100 possessions worse than their regular season numbers — the Celtics now bring back the best defensive guard in the NBA this past season. He also shot 36.4 percent from three this season.

More than that, Smart brings tenacity, grit, and energy to the Celtics when he is on the court.

Boston needs that at home in Game 4 because lose this game to the Bucks and things will get desperate in Bean Town.