Draymond Green hit James Harden in the eye in Game 3 (VIDEO)


People have been howling about Draymond Green being a dirty player for years. Most famously, Green kicked LeBron James in the crotch in Game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals, and was suspended for Game 5 of that series. The Cleveland Cavaliers went on to beat the Golden State Warriors in those Finals, and many place significant blame for that — fairly or not — on the shoulders of Green.

Now the Warriors are taking on their Western Conference rivals in the Houston Rockets, and James Harden is already dealing with some severe eye issues. Despite that fact, when the two teams squared off on Saturday night, Green wound up hitting Harden in the face just a few minutes into the game.

Via Twitter:

What is this play dirty? Was it on purpose? Or was it just haphazard? At this point, not many people are willing to give Green the benefit of the doubt.

Perhaps the basketball gods saw in favor of Harden and the Rockets because of this? Houston beat the Warriors, 126-121, in OT.

The series is now at 2-1. Game 4 is on Monday in Texas.