Report: Neither LeBron James nor his agent told Lakers to hire Tyronn Lue

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Lakers are reportedly close to hiring Tyronn Lue as coach. The comment reaction:

Of course they’re picking LeBron Jamesguy. LeBron is the de facto coach, anyway. LeBron knows how to control Lue from their time with the Cavaliers. LeBron is really running the front office, so he always gets his way.

But LeBron loathes that narrative and is already pushing back.

Joe Vardon of The Athletic:

The Lakers should accommodate LeBron. He is their most important employee. Hiring a coach who works well with LeBron should be a priority.

LeBron didn’t have to tell them that. He has that much power. Without hearing a word from LeBron or Rich Paul, the Lakers can consider which coaches LeBron would like and act accordingly.

This all sets up perfectly for LeBron. He gets the coach he wanted. If it goes well, that’ll pay off for him. If it doesn’t, he can wipe his hands of the situation and claim he’s not the one who chose Lue.

In return, the Lakers get the best player of his generation. LeBron’s tactics, including this leak, can be annoying. But the payoff is well worth it for his team.