Report: NBA terminates relationship with vendor running NBA Turkey account after Enes Kanter tweets


Save for some fans in Denver who decided to things it over the line on Wednesday night, most are behind Enes Kanter.

The Portland Trail Blazers big man has waged for human rights in his native turkey from afar, and Kanter is currently a man without a country. He no longer has a Turkish passport, and thus he can’t leave the United States for fear of not being able to return.

It was pointed out on social media by Kanter on Wednesday that fans in Turkey could not watch his games, and in fact information about the Blazers was actually being censored.

Now the NBA says they have decided to terminate the relationship was a third party vendor who was managing the NBA Turkey Twitter account.

Via Twitter:

Good on the NBA for doing what’s right, and of course a hat tip to Kanter for again using his ability to speak up and make a change.