Report: Rockets expect James Harden’s vision to be completely clear in Game 3 vs. Warriors

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

James Harden said he could “barely see” after the Rockets’ Game 2 loss to the Warriors yesterday. Harden got swiped across the eyes by Draymond Green, left the game for a while, returned and played well. But he was clearly laboring through bloodshot and watery eyes.

Tim MacMahon of ESPN:

Tests revealed no damage to either of Harden’s corneas, a source said, and the Rockets expect his vision to be completely clear by Saturday’s Game 3.

Good. It’s a shame last year’s Golden State-Houston matchup was marred by injuries to Chris Paul and Andre Iguodala. The healthier these high-level teams are, the more entertaining this series.

I’m partial to the Warriors and the Eastern Conference winner, but this second-round series might be a matchup of the NBA’s top two teams. That’s a plausible argument only with Harden at full strength, though.