Spurs staffer reportedly says ‘no doubt’ Gregg Popovich will return

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

In January, Spurs president-coach Gregg Popovich said he didn’t know whether he’d retire after after this season, the final year of his contract.

Mike Finger of the San Antonio-Express News:

I expect Popovich to come back, and one Spurs staffer said late Saturday night he had “no doubt.”

Jabari Young of The Athletic:

Popovich will coach Team USA in the 2019 World Cup and 2020 Olympics. So, he’s definitely not walking away entirely.

Does the 70-year-old want to continue with his NBA workload? I think so. He strikes a good work-life balance, and he’s one of the greatest coaches of all-time. Far more than any other NBA team with its coach, the Spurs are built around him. If he remains, San Antonio has a fighting chance to make the playoffs. Again.

But it has been a trying couple years. Under his watch, the Spurs alienated and traded their franchise player, Kawhi Leonard. In their last game, Popovich couldn’t reach his team at a crucial moment.

Popovich has earned the right to take as long as he wants to decide on a new contract. I suspect, though, he’ll eventually sign one.