Celtics’ Marcus Morris: Thunder got outcoached, didn’t use Markieff Morris enough

AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer

Damian Lillard torched the Thunder for 33 points per game and the series-winning 3-pointer.

Markieff Morris – who signed with Oklahoma City after a midseason buyout – played just 12 minutes per game against the Trail Blazers, including less than four minutes in the decisive Game 5.

Celtics forward Marcus Morris on his brother, via Jay King of The Athletic:

“I just wish he never went there,” Morris said, “because I know he could have helped another team get somewhere just by the effect he has on the court.”

“I feel like they got outcoached,” Morris said. “There wasn’t no different looks at Dame, wasn’t no different looks at C.J. (McCollum). (Lillard) came off, scored 34 points in a half and you don’t trap him. Like, what sense does that make? I just don’t get it. And I’m not a coach or anything like that, but I feel like they just didn’t utilize their bench enough. I feel like my brother went over there for no reason. He never got an opportunity to play. I thought that he would really help them in the playoffs, but from what I seen he should have went somewhere else just to be able to show that veteran leadership and that experience. I didn’t think he got the opportunity in OKC. I think that was another big reason why they lost. I didn’t feel like they utilized all the guys they had – at all.

The Morris twins are so supportive of each other. There are no signs of sibling rivalry between the two, to the point it can be awkward when they play against each other. Both are also incredibly outspoken.

Of course, Marcus thinks this. And of course he said so.

Marcus also has a longstanding grudge against Oklahoma City star Paul George. So, that might have colored Marcus’ opinion.

If Markieff and Thunder coach Billy Donovan both return to Oklahoma City next season, it could be a little awkward.

But it’s important to remember, Marcus is not Markieff. As close as they are, they don’t speak for each other.

Markieff, via Erik Horne of The Oklahoman:

“Yeah, I like it here,” Markieff Morris said. “If I’m playing the same minutes, then I probably won’t be back here.

“I’m just going to be honest. I thought I could have brung more to the team. But as far as the organization, I loved being around these guys every day. I loved coming in and working with the training staff every day. I think it’s really professional here. I think it’s top-notch.”