Much to Chris Paul’s chagrin, Rockets center Clint Capela says he wants to play Warriors (video)


After the Rockets won their series against the Jazz and before the Warriors lost Game 5 to the Clippers last night, Chris Paul and James Harden shut down talk a rematch against Golden State. It seemed to be Houston’s company line.

Clint Capela had his own ideas – even with Paul sitting next to him at the podium.

  • Capela: “That’s what I want. I want to face them.”
  • Paul to Capela: “Aw, man. You’re going to be all over Bleacher Report. It’s cool, though. It is what it is.”
  • Paul to a reporter: “Look at you. You can’t wait to tweet that.”
  • Capela: “We’ve been working on it all year long. I think if you want to be the champion, you’ve got to beat the champion. So, at some point, you’ve got to do it, right?”

Even on a team obsessed with beating the Warriors, Capela stands out. In the middle of last season, he said the Rockets were better than Golden State.

Kevin Durant called Capela’s job easy, and the Warriors beat Houston in a seven-game Western Conference finals. Of course, Capela hasn’t lost his edge with this matchup. He’s just willing to say it.

Paul and Harden are trying to project calm and steadiness. That’s probably the “right” approach.

But Capela’s outspokenness is way more fun.