Jamal Murray grabbed a bite of pretzel from courtside fan during shooting slump

Getty Images

Maybe Jamal Murray needs to start downing pretzels before games like Stephen Curry does popcorn.

Murray was struggling through the first seven quarters on these NBA playoffs, going 8-of-33 (24.2 percent) and shooting his team out of games. During that slump, he chased a deflected ball into the crowd, and while there took a bite of the fan’s snack.

After the game, Murray said it was a pretzel, and he regretted the move because it was dry.

However, in the fourth quarter Murray took over, scoring 21 points on 8-of-9 shooting to help fuel Denver’s comeback win. Was it the pretzel that changed things? You can’t prove it wasn’t the pretzel.

Mike Malone needs to make sure Murray’s locker in San Antonio always has a couple of bags of Rold Gold in there.