Tony Allen explained why Patrick Beverley is having success vs. Kevin Durant (VIDEO)

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Things have already been testy between Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley. The Golden State Warriors star and the defensive-minded Los Angeles Clippers guard have been a ejected from one game already. Durant had to watch his team lose a game to the Clippers on Monday night.

People have been giving credit to Beverley for his defense on a Durant, particularly because Durant holds so much height over the diminutive guard.

But former Memphis Grizzlies wing Tony Allen says Beverley is doing at least one thing right when trying to shut down Durant. Plus, it’s working.

Via Twitter:

It seems like Beverley is probably doing a little bit more then just crowding Durant, but the idea holds. It’s definitely one of the things that Beverley is doing to disrupt Durant’s ability to be comfortable, and the idea that Durant fouled out of the game on Monday is pretty astonishing.

People sort of laughed at me when they heard me say that this series could be more entertaining than originally anticipated. Right now it’s all tied up and it’s been good watchin’ on the ol’ TV if you ask me.