Luke Walton disagrees with idea that any random joe can coach Warriors to wins (VIDEO)

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Luke Walton is now the head coach of the Sacramento Kings. It only took a couple days after he was fired by the Los Angeles Lakers for Sacramento to swoop him up.

That’s due to Walton’s record as a developmental coach with the Lakers before the arrival of LeBron James, and as a member of the Golden State Warriors and their championship runs.

Walton was known for being one of the best assistants with the Warriors, a squad that he had to coach when Steve Kerr was out for a large portion of the 2015-16 NBA season.

The of the stars on the Warriors aren’t easy to manage, but sometimes the talent on the floor for Golden State led people to believe that anybody could have helmed the team during that span.

Of course, Walton disagrees.

Via Twitter:

If you know anything about Draymond Green, you know he can be a tough guy to wrangle. Throw in any kind of behind-the-scenes things we don’t know about Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, and that is a genuine crash course in management.

You or I or some Joe off the street couldn’t have just let the Warriors cruise to 73 wins that year. That takes a touch that, apparently, Walton has and the Kings covet.

It’ll be interesting to see what Walton does moving forward with Sacramento. They were a surprising team this season and they have a lot of young talent on their roster ready to be molded.