Patrick Beverley gives Jae Crowder tips on how to stop James Harden (VIDEO)


The playoff race is set in the West, and the Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets will duke it out in the first round.

As such, the Rockets are going to try to grind their way through one of the hardest defenses on a potential path back to the Western Conference Finals. That is, unless Patrick Beverley has anything to say about it.

The Los Angeles Clippers guard used to be a crucial member of the Rockets, and after his current team got done playing at the Jazz on Wednesday night, Beverley appeared to give some very specific advice to Utah wing Jae Crowder.

Via Twitter:

It certainly does appear that Beverley was giving some kind of advice to Crowder about the upcoming series with the Rockets. His motions were similar to those that Harden does over the course of the basketball game.

Who knows if this could help Crowder stop Harden? The former MVP is having a record-breaking season, and he could just be the league’s most valuable player once again.

He’s going to be difficult if not impossible to stop, and the Jazz could use any help they can get.