Anthony Davis says he didn’t pick ‘That’s All Folks!’ shirt: ‘I have no control over that’

AP Photo/Scott Threlkeld

Anthony Davis arrived to what’s likely his final Pelicans game wearing a “That’s All Folks!” shirt:

That didn’t go over well in New Orleans, where fans saw it as an excessive parting shot from someone who already requested a trade that completely derailed the Pelicans’ season.

But Davis isn’t ready to accept blame.

Julie Boudwin of


I’m a big cartoon guy. Looney Tunes is actually my favorite.

I didn’t choose it. I actually didn’t choose it. It was hanging for me already when I put my clothes on.

Every night, Big Shot lays out where I’m going to wear in the game. I have no control over that. I just put it on.

This is so weak. Maybe someone picked the shirt for Davis, but he still has personal autonomy.

If Davis thought the shirt was a funny way to exit, he should own that. If he thought the shirt sent the wrong message, he should apologize.

Instead, he’s taking the lead of agency-mate LeBron James in – unsatisfactorily – deflecting responsibility for a shirt.