Anthony Davis shows up to last Pelicans’ home game in “That’s All Folks” T-shirt

Getty Images

Stay classy, Anthony Davis.

Tonight is the final New Orleans Pelicans home game of the season, and Anthony Davis rolled into the arena wearing a “That’s All Folks” T-Shirt.

This summer, once the team hires its new general manager/head of basketball operations, the Pelicans will get down to the business of trading Davis. My sense is that by draft night in June Davis will be moved, or at least a deal will be in place to trade him (if the trade is with Boston, the Celtics cannot pull the trigger until after July 1 due to CBA quirks). Davis wants it, at this point the Pelicans and their fans want it, nobody wants this to drag out, the only questions remaining are where he ends up and who is coming back to New Orleans in the deal.

At some point, Davis will write something, or take out an ad in a local paper, or make some gesture to thank the fans of New Orleans on his way out the door. He genuinely did like the fan support (at least until his trade request) and the city.

But he couldn’t resist a parting shot on his way out the door.