Paul Pierce said he had better career than Dwyane Wade, NBA Twitter turned on Pierce

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Dwyane Wade is finishing up his farewell tour with Miami in the coming days (the Heat have some work to do to make the playoffs). That has led to a lot of retrospectives and deserved love for Wade as he walks out the door. And on ESPN’s countdown, they were comparing Wade to other greats (was he better than Isiah Thomas, for example), when the topic turned to Paul Pierce.

Guess which side Pierce took.

Pierce is a Hall of Famer — four All-NBA teams, 10-time All-Star, and he has a ring — but better than Wade? Better than the third-best shooting guard of all time? They were not letting him slide on the show.

Then NBA Twitter had a field day. Starting with Gabrielle Union (Wade’s wife).

And there were reminders about this.

But Pierce had his backers.

If these two want to debate this more, they can do it in the Hall of Fame.