NBA reportedly tells teams $109 million salary cap projection for next season on target

NBA players back out
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The NBA salary cap is jumping up about $7 million next season — right in line with the league office’s prediction models.

Just as a reminder, the salary cap is set based on the players’ share of the NBA’s basketball revenue split (essentially 50/50 with the teams, although it can fluctuate from 49 percent up to 51 percent depending on a variety of factors). The NBA league office works to project those future numbers for teams, and they had told teams around the start of the season to expect a $109 million salary cap and $132 million luxury tax line for next season. That is what is coming, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic.

For comparison, this season the cap is at $101.9 million, with the luxury tax is at $123.7 million.

Teams are going to use that extra cap space — around 40 percent of the league’s players will or can or will be free agents. While we focus on the max salary guys — Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, etc. — there are a lot of other rotation and role players available that will reshape rosters and change fortunes for teams. It’s going to be a wild off-season.