Lonzo Ball says he, not father LaVar, is choosing next agent, making business decisions

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When LaVar Ball started talking to potential agents for his son Lonzo Ball, it gave a few agents pause. Did they really want to get in the Ball family business? Especially with LaVar asking if the agents would be able to get his three sons — Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo — all on the same team eventually (something that is not going to happen).

Lonzo had moved on from his former agent and has sued one of the co-founders of the Big Baller Brand for $2 million for mismanaging of his money. Lonzo seemed to be taking charge of his career, yet there was dad LaVar again appearing to vet potential agents.

Lonzo pushed back on the idea his dad is involved, speaking to Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times.

While word is spreading around the agencies that LaVar Ball is driving the search, Lonzo Ball told the Los Angeles Times on Thursday night that he alone will make his business decisions. Asked specifically if his father was involved, Lonzo Ball said no.

A person familiar with the situation said LaVar Ball has not participated in any official discussions about his son’s future business dealings as Lonzo Ball’s team of attorneys and advisors determines how to remove him from the orbit of Alan Foster, a man who they allege stole millions from him and mismanaged his finances.

Family dynamics are complicated, especially when business matters like this are mixed in. LaVar may not have an official role, Lonzo should be making the final call on his next agent and other business moves, but how much influence does LaVar have? From the outside, we’re all just speculating on that.

Multiple reports now have Lonzo landing with CAA as his new agency. If so, CAA has a lot of work to do with Lonzo in need a new shoe deal (remember he turned down a lot of guaranteed money from Nike or Adidas to got with Big Baller Brand) and he is coming up on the couple of seasons that will determine what his post-rookie contract will look like. It’s a pivotal time in Ball’s career. Whoever is advising him, Lonzo needs to take charge of his own brand and path now.