Report: LeBron James having trouble recruiting NBA stars to ‘Space Jam 2’ (VIDEO)


It looks like “Space Jam 2: The Search for More Money” is in trouble.

LeBron James, who will be able to work on the production of his upcoming sequel to Michael Jordan’s 1996 film sooner rather than later, is apparently having issues recruiting NBA stars to his cast.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, James hasn’t been able to close deals after talking to NBA stars he wants in the flick.

Via Twitter:

Would you want to be in Space Jam 2 with LeBron? The movie is obviously going to be some kind of recruiting tool, and depending on the plot the players involved could be the ones who James beats the way Jordan did at the end of the first film.

This is supposed to be some kind of symbol for how things have gone for LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers so far. But the basketball court is different from a soundstage, and fans around the world will want to see guys in a major movie with James. It’s a smart business decision, even if LeBron would be pestering his castmates to join him in Southern California. Plus, it’s a limited commitment! It’s not like joining the Lakers for four years on contract.

The first Space Jam was not a good movie as anyone who has gone back and watched it as a full grown adult can attest to. I can assume the second one will be much better just given how good children’s films are these days. Still, that James can’t get some stars in the movie at this juncture does say something given that production starts soon.