Shaun Livingston contemplating retirement

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Shaun Livingston suffered a devastating knee injury in 2007. Amputating his leg was a consideration. He missed a full season then barely played the next year. It appeared his promising NBA career could be over.

A dozen years later, Livingston is playing for a Warriors.

But – after that unexpected longevity – he could now near the finish line.

Livingston, in a Q&A with Anthony Slater of The Athletic:

Have you legitimately sat there and thought that this could be it?

Yeah. For sure. Absolutely. It’s just all the signs on the wall. And just more so from a physical standpoint. If I’m healthy and having fun, then I want to play. But physically, if I’m not … Like, I put so much work in my body just to get back to playing basketball, let alone get to this point where I’m at.

So now that it’s getting harder. Like this year, I’ve struggled with injuries more than any other year I’ve been on the Warriors.

Is it just aching?

It’s more just for my knee. Rehab. Dealing with my knee. Just showing up to the game and my knee is, like, softball(-sized) swollen.

Just $2 million of Livingston’s $7,692,308 salary for next season is guaranteed. The Warriors will almost certainly waive him. They could attempt to re-sign him if he wants to keep playing, but it’d likely be at a lower price.

Livingston remains an alright backup guard. Though the 33-year-old’s effectiveness has declined, I doubt he’s getting pushed out of the league.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr has tried to avoid a last-dance vibe for his team this year. That was mostly about Kevin Durant leaving, but rumors of the star joining the Knicks have only intensified. Livingston’s potential retirement makes it even more difficult for the Warriors to think about keeping it going beyond this season.