Eric Bledsoe gets ejected for throwing ball at Joel Embiid (VIDEO)


The end of March and the beginning of April has been a bit of a snoozer in the NBA. It seems like the past 12 games or so have been crawling by, with everyone wanting the start of the playoffs to just be here already.

Apparently the Milwaukee Bucks and the Philadelphia 76ers feel the same way.

On Thursday night as the Sixers took on the Bucks in Pennsylvania, things got a bit heated between Joel Embiid and Eric Bledsoe.

On a play early in the first quarter, Bledsoe was upset with Embiid as the two jostled for a rebound. Embiid was pushed in the back by the Bucks guard, and the Sixers big man retaliated by throwing the ball at Bledsoe.

Bledsoe then threw the ball right back at Embiid, which earned him a quick ejection.

Via Twitter:

That’s a pretty weird sequence, and frankly one where you would expect referees to bend to the will of perceived pressure and give Embiid a technical foul as well. The Sixers got to shoot technical free throws, but the Bucks did not.

Meanwhile, Bledsoe got an early shower and the game went on.

Just get us to the postseason, already. Milwaukee and Philly are ready for it!