Dragan Bender got whistled for traveling (he was actually dribbling) (VIDEO)


The Phoenix Suns are having a hard time these days. They have now shut down several players, including Devin Booker and Tyler Johnson. The Suns are not a well-run franchise, and they are slated to end the year at the bottom of the NBA yet again.

Perhaps no better example of their ineptitude came on Wednesday as the Suns were taking on the Utah Jazz. As the teams switched floors, Dragan Bender was whistled for aninexplicable travel even though he was dribbling the basketball.

Via Twitter:

I don’t even know what to say about Phoenix anymore. No doubt the league would rather Robert Sarver sell the team and have the whole organization start over from scratch at this point.

In the meantime we will have to make do with clips like this which belong in one of those old “NBA Inside Stuff” blooper VHS tapes with Ahmad Rashad.

Utah beat the Suns, 118-97.