Watch Gregg Popovich get ejected from game vs. Kings (VIDEO)


Gregg Popovich is known to get kicked out of games as a means to get his San Antonio Spurs going. On Sunday night as his team took on the Sacramento Kings, that’s exactly what Popovich tried to do.

During a play early in the third quarter, Popovich was arguing about a call in which Derrick White had blocked Harrison Barnes’ layup. The officiating crew called it out of bounds on White, and that sparked the fury of Popovich, leading to a technical foul and an ejection.

The Spurs didn’t get their act together even though things were tied when Popovich went on his rant. Although the Kings have been eliminated from the playoffs, they got the better of San Antonio, 113-106.

Still, it’s always fun to see Popovich blow his top. He seems like such an affable, measured guy and of course a lot of his technical foul nonsense is sort of calculated. Then again, the fact that he cares like this proves his continued love of the game.