Emmanuel Mudiay’s jersey-swap request rejected by Dwyane Wade (video)

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Emmanuel Mudiay‘s real plus-minus in his four seasons with the Knicks and Nuggets

  • 2015-16: -3.78
  • 2016-17: -3.90
  • 2017-18: -6.09
  • 2018-19: -2.68

Despite having a career year, Mudiay – who ranks 421st of 508 players in RPM this season – still couldn’t convince Dwyane Wade to swap jerseys after the Heat’s win over New York on Saturday. Mudiay asked, but Wade said, “Nah, I’m already giving it away.”

It’s unclear where Wade’s jersey went. Just not to Mudiay.

For that matter, it’s unclear what Mudiay did with his jersey. There’s not quite as much interest in that, though.

This is a great opportunity to read about the etiquette of jersey swaps from Ben Standig of NBC Sports Washington.