DeMarcus Cousins elbows Willy Hernangomez, gets ejected (VIDEO)


Everybody was getting ejected in the NBA on Sunday night. Perhaps everyone’s just ready for the regular season to come to a close?

Gregg Popovich was ejected arguing a possession call during the San Antonio Spurs match up against the Sacramento Kings. Nikola Jokic was thrown out for gesticulating and arguing a foul call — or lack thereof — with an official.

And, naturally, DeMarcus Cousins was kicked out of a game against the Charlotte Hornets for elbowing Willy Hernangomez in the head.

The play came halfway through the second quarter, with Cousins and Hernangomez battling for a rebound. Cousins came high with an elbow to the Charlotte Hornets big man’s head, which appeard to connect soundly.

After review, Cousins was kicked out of the game on a flagrant 2 foul call.

Via Twitter:

It’s hard to say there wasn’t intent here from Cousins, and the unnecessary contact above the neck is sort of a hard line for the NBA. Even though Cousins didn’t get Hernangomez with much force, he certainly violated the letter of the law and so a flagrant 2 seemed reasonable.

We will have to wait and see if the NBA lowers the punishment for Cousins.