PBT Podcast: What’s next for Portland Trail Blazers?

Associated Press

CJ McCollum was already out (maybe for the rest of the regular season) when Portland center and third-best player Jusuf Nurkic went down with a horrific leg injury.

Where does that leave Damian Lillard and Portland heading into these playoffs? Have they become the team everyone else wants to face in the first round now?

Beyond that, what happens this summer in Portland? Do they keep the core together, try to add role players and make another run at it, or is it time to see what the trade market is for McCollum.

Dane Delgado, Blazers’ analyst for NBC Sports Northwest, joins me to talk about all of that, and how the death of owner Paul Allen and the potential sale of the team plays into all of that. We also get into how the rest of the West might shake out.

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