Chris Bosh gets jersey retired by Miami Heat (VIDEO)


Chris Bosh is no longer an NBA player. Medical issues forced to Bosh to stop playing with the Miami Heat, and his last game in the NBA was on Feb. 9, 2016.

Bosh has said that he is feeling just fine now, but he is unable to play in the league. He retired in February of 2019, after he and the Heat repaired their relationship after some frosty tensions regarding his potential return.

Now Miami has decided to retire Bosh’s jersey, and Tuesday was the big night. Fans tuned in to see Bosh’s No. 1 get raised to the rafters as a tribute to the two-time NBA champ.

Via Twitter:

Kudos to Bosh, who would have been a monster in the modern NBA even as he continued to age. We lost the ability to see him play too soon, but it’s nice to see that Bosh being honored the way he deserves.