Suns owner Robert Sarver donates to support campaigns of Phoenix politicians who voted for arena deal

AP Photo/Ralph Freso

Phoenix will spend $150 million of taxpayer money to renovate the Suns’ arena.

In what I’m sure is a complete coincidence…

Brahm Resnik of NBC 12 News:

Nine days after the Phoenix City Council approved a controversial deal to renovate the Phoenix Suns home arena, Suns owner Robert Sarver donated $50,000 to a campaign PAC supporting a councilwoman who cast a crucial vote.

That donation to Councilwoman Vania Guevara last month came after she flipped her “no” vote to a “yes,” with Sarver’s pledge to spend $2.6 million on Head Start programs in her district.

Sarver followed up his donation to Guevara with a $100,000 contribution to a firefighter PAC backing the mayoral campaign of Councilman Daniel Valenzuela, also a supporter of the arena deal.

Maybe Sarver gave these donations for altruistic reasons.

And maybe this will be the the exceedingly rare publicly funded arena deal that positively affects the local economy.

Yeah, right.

Sarver is free to donate to whomever he wants. But Phoenix voters can also hold accountable politicians who funnel taxpayer money to a billionaire then accept money from that same billionaire.