Tony Brothers ejected Nikola Jokic with two quick techs, which Thad Young loved (VIDEO)

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Tony Brothers is a respected NBA referee, but Saturday night as the Denver Nuggets took on the Indiana Pacers tensions were high enough that Nikola Jokic didn’t care about Brothers’ service in the league.

With under three minutes to go in the fourth quarter, Jokic was called for a loose ball foul. He didn’t agree with the call, immediately turning to Brothers to complain, earning him his first technical.

Then Jokic made a crucial mistake, which was to take a step toward Brothers. The veteran ref appeared to take that as intimidation of an official, and immediately tossed the Nuggets star.

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Thad Young liked it, and gave Brothers a little pat on the butt in appreciation.

Denver wound up beating Indiana, 102-100.