Lakers resting LeBron James against Pistons

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

LeBron James 10 days ago: “Unless I’m hurt, I’m not sitting games.”

He and the Lakers since agreed to a revised plan that included LeBron possibly sitting one game of back-to-backs. Apparently that’ll happen.

After playing against the Raptors yesterday, LeBron is out against the Pistons tonight.


This is the smart way to handle a 34-year-old with high mileage during a lost season. The Lakers must gear up for next season.

Not incidentally, resting LeBron also helps the Lakers improve their draft position.

Yesterday’s game in Toronto was nationally televised, making sitting in Detroit the easy choice between the two.

The Lakers have two sets of back-to-backs remaining:

  • March 26 and 27: vs. Wizards, at Jazz
  • April 4 and 5: vs. Warriors at Clippers

I wonder what LeBron will do against Washington and Utah. Both games are nationally televised. So is the Golden State game. The Clippers game is not, making it more likely LeBron sits that one.