Lakers owner Jeanie Buss on Clippers owner Steve Ballmer: ‘Didn’t Ballz see what we did to my brother?’

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The Clippers are intent on moving into a new arena in Inglewood. Their opposition:

  • Knicks owner James Dolan, whose company owns the nearby Forum and wants to protect that building as the area’s premier entertainment space
  • Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, whose team currently shares an arena with the Clippers, which helps keep the Clippers as Los Angeles’ second-class team

As the Clippers revealed their plan to move, Buss emailed with Lakers executive Linda Rambis and Irving Azoff, a music executive close to Dolan.

Buss in an email, via Nathan Fenno of The Los Angeles Times:

“Didn’t Ballz see what we did to my brother?? He will have nothing but Clippers basketball. Whoopee.”

I’m not sure which aspect of this email I enjoy more:

Buss calling Ballmer “Ballz,” a nickname that is now sure to stick. Let’s get a Lakers-Clippers rivalry cooking.


Buss using her own brother (probably Jim, though maybe Johnny) as an example of what happens to someone who crosses her. That’s some real Corleone stuff.

Both are great!