Rumor: Kemba Walker likely to leave the Hornets in free agency

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Kemba Walker has never had an All-Star teammate. He has made the playoffs only twice and never won a series. At 30-37, the Hornets are unlikely to reach the postseason this year.

If Walker wants to bolt Charlotte, he’ll have a chance in unrestricted free agent this summer.

Sam Amick of The Athletic:

At this point, based on scuttlebutt around the league but without direct clarity from his side, it feels like he’s more likely to leave than stay.

This could be based on pertinent info. Players and their agents talk and send out feelers. Perhaps, Walker has tipped his hand.

But this could also be about wishful thinking and/or generalizing.

Most of the top 2019 free agents have been linked to a specific team or two:

If Kemba Walker isn’t returning to the Hornets, his free agency seems wide open. Many teams could see Walker as attainable. At least, they hope.

Charlotte’s struggles to build a winner around Walker would cause many players to leave. It’s easy to typecast Walker into that path.

But Walker also said he’d be “devastated” if the Hornets traded him last season. He has played for only them and could wind up the greatest player in franchise history (if he isn’t already). I believe he has a genuine affinity for Charlotte.

He also wants to win, and he’ll have a hard time doing that with the Hornets. Leaving in free agency is the quickest path to a better team.

I don’t know how Walker will balance competing priorities. I’m not sure he knows.

But the possibility Amick’s sources have insight into Walker’s thinking is what makes this intriguing.