Klay Thompson: Warriors looking ahead to playoffs, so they need fans to bring energy now


The Warriors lost at home to the lowly Suns last night.

Klay Thompson‘s focus after the game? Golden State fans.

Thompson, via Logan Murdock of NBC Sports Bay Area:

“I expect our crowd to be a little more into it,” Thompson said after the game. “Like, I know it’s not the playoffs, but it is our last go-around in Oracle. The least you can do is stand up when we make a good play.”

“Especially in the beginning, we need that energy, especially this time of year,” Thompson added. “It’s hard to conjure up the energy every single night because you’re looking forward to the playoffs and that run, so expect our fans to bring that from jump.

“It’s like us — you can’t bring it every night, especially this time of year, but still, it helps. It doesn’t matter if we’re playing the Suns or the Bucks, whoever it is. We need that energy from them because we feed off that.”

It’s understandable the Warriors – after three titles and another NBA Finals appearance in the last four years – weren’t particularly excited about a March game against Phoenix. Sure, Golden State players are paid to play, and it would have been nice if they brought more energy. But it’s human nature to coast during a game only tangential to the Warriors’ main goals.

However, blaming the fans who paid to be there for not bringing energy either is ludicrous.

Sure, if Golden State fans were more boisterous despite their team sleepwalking through a game, that would enliven players. But that’s not how it works.

Teams and fans feed off each other. The better a team plays, the more fans cheer. The more fans cheer, the better a team plays. Yet, it starts with the team. Every time. Everywhere.

Thompson’s message is especially misdirected because only the fans who are already engaged will hear it. Those who – like the team – are just waiting for the playoffs aren’t paying attention now.

If Thompson wants better fan support before the playoffs, he and the rest of the team should play with more intensity and focus. Fans will follow the players’ lead on the court, not comments like this that lack any semblance of self-awareness.