Cody Zeller scored on a weird steal off his own free throw (VIDEO)


NBA players rely on officials to keep the flow of the game perhaps more than we realize. On Saturday night, that was apparent after a minor fiasco involving a free-throw attempt.

As the Charlotte Hornets took on the Milwaukee Bucks, Cody Zeller went to the line for a free throw. After his first made charity shot, the Bucks called a timeout.

When the teams returned, officials mistakenly told players there were two free throws left. Zeller missed the next attempt — his second — and this is what happened.

Via Twitter:

The ability of a team to call a timeout in between free throws has always been weird to me. That a team who doesn’t have the ball can call timeout during a player’s free throws makes zero sense.

At least Zeller had the wherewithal to understand it was a live ball.

Milwaukee beat Charlotte, 131-114.