Nets’ Joe Harris drops Luka Doncic with dribble move (VIDEO)


If you didn’t know who he was before, you remember the Nets’ Joe Harris as the guy who beat Stephen Curry at the All-Star Saturday Three-Point Contest. In Curry’s hometown. That takes some ice water in the veins.

Monday night, Luka Doncic found out Harris can do more than just spot up.

Brooklyn’s D'Angelo Russell drove to the free throw line, and when the Dallas defense collapsed he kicked it out to Harris at the arc. Doncic closed out hard, Harris put the ball on the floor, and… timber.

Doncic got some back. He drained a half-courter to beat the halftime buzzer.

Then Doncic put one up on Harris with his stepback.

Brooklyn was in complete control of this game through three quarters.