Watch LeBron James throw an inbounds pass off the back of the backboard


Things might be over for the Los Angeles Lakers when it comes to the playoffs. Saturday night’s loss to the Phoenix Suns, 118-109, set the Lakers’ chances at making the postseason back quite a bit, and it seemed like the perfect encapsulation of what’s going on in Los Angeles this season.

Meanwhile, LeBron James has not seemed to be a happy camper lately. Although his individual stat line against the Suns was was quite good. James missed two free throws with 47 seconds left against Phoenix with the Lakers down just five points.

Summing up the night was a play in which James committed one of the weirdest turnovers of his entire career by throwing an inbound pass off the back of the backboard.

Via Twitter:

I’m not sure what LeBron expected when he got to the Lakers this season, but it appears that all parties are upset with the way things have gone so far. Being a team in the chase for a final playoff spot always seem like a likely scenario for a roster made up of LeBron and a bunch of single season contract has-beens.

LA is now 4.5 games out of the eighth seed in the West.